The Riverside Advantage

  • We are a dynamic, boutique tax-credit syndicator.  This gives us the ability to be nimble, transparent, flexible and responsive.  From top to bottom, our staff are intelligent, thoughtful people with significant tax credit experience and a comprehensive understanding of real estate.  Our size allows us to provide a high level of customer service and attention to our partners and to concentrate on a few important relationships.
  • We are more than just a syndicator.    Our goal is to offer our partners a full suite of products to meet all their investment capital needs.  In addition to tax credit equity, we can often provide debt solutions through our financing partners.  We are also always working on new, creative products to help make your project’s financing efficient and successful. 
  • We are built for longevity.  Our leadership has significant tax credit experience and has built Riverside into a full-service syndicator that has garnered the attention of a strong and growing stable of institutional investors.  We have been in this business for nearly two decades and we’re committed to being in this business as a long-term participant.
  • We value relationships.  Our most important asset is people: our development and investor partners as well as our employees.  We understand that relationships take hard work and compromise.  Our goal is to add value to every deal, earn your trust, and continue to earn your future business.  We’re only successful if you’re successful. 
  • Competitive Terms.  Offering our partners the most competitive pricing and terms available is crucial to a successful and enduring relationship.  With our strong and growing stable of institutional investor clients, we’re able to offer competitive pricing in markets across the country.  


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