Asset Management

Asset Management

Riverside’s Asset Management department oversees a portfolio of over 4,100 units in 14 states for the full life cycle of the investment – from development to disposition.  Riverside Asset Management works with the sponsors and property managers of our developments to maximize asset performance and mitigate risk so that our investor’s investment objectives are met. 

Our seasoned Asset Management professionals are equipped with a broad and deep background in asset and risk management and bring the knowledge and skill sets to help our developers and property managers ensure the housing they build and manage operates effectively for the entire compliance period. 


Riverside Asset Management services include:

  • Pre-closing investment review
  • Monthly construction and lease-up review
  • Ongoing analysis of financial performance and property condition
  • Quarterly risk assessment and proactive risk mitigation
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Year 15 exit strategies




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